The purpose of Imagine 2.0 is the completion of creating more and better space to impact the next generation in Eastern Kentucky for Jesus. 

Reaching our kids matters. It’s God’s strategy for positively shaping the future of our community and beyond. But this won’t happen by accident. This generation is being increasingly deceived, enslaved and wooed away from God.

A recent article from the Foundation for Economic Education stated, “The effects of school closures, stay-at-home orders, and shutdowns of businesses deemed “non-essential” in 2020 are contributing to surging rates of depression and suicide among young people, as well as rising incidences of drug overdoses and related deaths.”

The New York Times reported that an alarming increase in student suicides has prompted schools to quickly reopen for in-person learning. In one Nevada school district alone, 18 students took their lives during the nine months of school closures, which is double the number of students who committed suicide in the district in all of 2019. The youngest child was just nine years old.

Friends, a thriving children’s and student ministry has never mattered more than it does right now. 

We believe God is calling us to take this battle seriously. We must commit to invest sacrificially in our greatest treasure, our children and the future generations to come. 

Are you willing to make an impact? 

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